Welcome to My Online Home – here you’ll find my songs, my ideas, and my rants

About This Site

This site is for dreamers. For the ones who hope. For those who know that “joy comes in the morning” and also for those in the morning, wondering “where the hell is my joy?”

People call me a “deep thinker.” They say I have a “unique perspective.” I’d say “this is how I see the world.” Does a fish know about water? Does a bird “see” the air?

Here’s the bottomline – I am a mystery – even to myself. Creating things is one way of revealing the mystery – so here we are. I have other sites for my business pursuits – this one is dedicated to various creations, brainstorms, and occasional outbursts. And there’s room for you to join in – hit the comments and respond. Please – I love the interaction.

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